Things you should bring to a branding photoshoot

If you have a branding photoshoot scheduled, you're probably wondering what you should be bringing to it.

Of course all businesses are different, but the general list is pretty simple. Here are a few things you can bring to your branding photo shoot;

1) All of your props - if you’re a food photographer or stylist, then some of your props could be dishes, ingredients to make the meals, utensils, napkins, etc. Don't hesitate to ask your branding photographer for a list of props you will need ahead of time so you know what to bring.

2) Makeup - Anything you think you may need to touch up throughout the session. Beauty blender, brush, mascara, etc.

3) Your wardrobe & accessories - Make sure you pack all of the outfits that you talked about with your branding photographer!

4) Hair elastics and bobby pins - you can never have enough!

5) Water - this is so necessary! Considering how long branding sessions tend to run, having a water bottle is so important because you will get thirsty and need to stay hydrated.

Now you're ready for your session! Those are the top things I recommend you bring to your branding photoshoot.

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